About Mildura

Located at the intersection of Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia, the Mildura region has much to offer businesses and new residents alike. Major towns in the region are Mildura (Victoria) and Wentworth (New South Wales). The Mildura region (also known as Sunraysia) is a flourishing and dynamic area with a rich past and a bright future. The Mildura region is steeped in history as a major agricultural and horticultural centre. Today, the region is a nationally significant agricultural and horticultural area, and has diversified into food and beverage processing, advanced manufacturing, transport and storage, mining and renewable energy.

With a population of over 58,000 people (over 30,000 within the city of Mildura itself), the Mildura region has an excellent quality of life that continues to attract residents and businesses alike. Residents enjoy the country lifestyle with metropolitan amenities. Businesses benefit from the high quality of life that makes it easy to attract and retain staff. The region has suitable existing utility infrastructure to support continued population and business growth into the future.

This website is a great source of demographic information for the Mildura region. For more information about the Mildura region’s vibrant community, feel free to visit www.milduraregion.com.au